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Go4.Social AUTOMATICALLY aggregates ALL of the brand's social networking activities and ANY related customer experiences in a secure, monetizable and 100% brand-controlled environment.


Enabling new channels and creating a unified media experience across all channels 


Identifying genuine influencers while supporting sales & Brand purpose.


Gain greater insights into the expectations, behaviours and desires of customers. 


Empowering REAL audiences to see and share interesting, relevant and authentic stories that ladder back to brand purpose.

Delivering genuine, accurate, and deep consumer insights, Go4.Social enables organisations to identify true brand fans, measure their influence and inspire them to become active brand influencers in their social communities.


Go4.Social helps brands to identify influencers, fans and followers, empowering their customer engagement, voice and "authentic" influence in order to boost brand awareness and leverage an original customer experience.

- By MOTIVATING the share and like of your fans and followers (Participation)
- By rewarding their INFLUENCE on their social communities. (Advocacy)


Designed on a REACT framework with a "smartphone first" usage in mind, Go4.Social is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) available* outside Android and iOS stores, with many benefits for businesses and customers:                         


  • App-Like Look and Feel
  • Fast Installation
  • Better Performance
  • Platform-and Device-Agnosticism
  • No Updating Issues
  • Seamless Offline Access "e; Operation
  • No Dependence on App Distribution Services
  • Push Notification Functionality
  • Enhanced Security


Would not it be awesome if buying a service like was as easy as buying a "baguette"? Yes it certainly would !
However, since the needs of every company vary, our prices do too.
The licensing scheme is a Software WITH a Service (SwaS) model that combines the power of the cloud with an all-inclusive service which depends on the number of registered influencers you want to activate. Contact us for more information.

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