Display all your social feeds and content - with real-time performances monitoring.


Dress up your social content to make it more desirable while giving users reasons to participate. 


Identify and motivate genuine brand advocates by rewarding their real influence towards their social communities.


Empower your ambassadors with exclusive contents to influence their Open, Controlled or Dark social communities.



Go4.social is a Social Marketing Advocacy application.
A smart app that extends the reach and stimulates the performance of brands and corporate publications through the engagement of their customers*, fans* and followers* on social networks.
A true Social Media megaphone!

(*and employees/ sales forces/ internal and external audiences).

Social Advocacy as easy as A-B-C-D-E!

- Amplify all social contents from your favorite brands and companies from a unique social wall!
- Boost audience engagement with our gamification modules
- Create empowered communities of fans & follower engaged on social networks. (Whether Open, Controled or Dark)
- Drive community engagement and "reasons to share" to turn fans & followers into active influencers on social networks. (Amplification)
- Evaluate in real time the impact of your digital strategies on social networks 

Go4.Smart Gamification

Go4.Social teams will help you amplifying the reach, boost content’s R.O.I. and power the performances of your social contents by leveraging audiences’ participation and rewarding their ambassadorship on social media communities.

Our pioneering two-step gamification process rewards both Employee participation and influence - We call it “Smart Gamification".

- By MOTIVATING the share and like of your fans and followers (Participation)
- By rewarding their INFLUENCE on their social communities. (Amplification)


The Go4.social application includes a comprehensive set of modules and services that provides specific solutions for clients and employees advocacy but also different groups and units within a firm, including Sales, Distribution, Marketing & Communication, HR, General Services and employees.
Go4.social's social walls can also easily activates public places, company lobbies, events, shoppers and visitors to your points of sale, your fans and followers, and connect all thos venues to your CRM, ERP and ESN SEAMLESSLY!


Would not it be awesome if buying a service like Go4.social was as easy as buying a "baguette"? Yes it certainly would !
However, since the needs of every company vary, our prices do too.
The Go4.social licensing scheme is a Software WITH a Service (SwaS) model that combines the power of the cloud with an all-inclusive service which depends on the number of registered influencers you want to activate. Contact us for more information.

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